Wonder Athletics Membership

Take Back Control & Step Into Your Power By Increasing Your Confidence, Building Your Strength & Connecting With Like Minded Women

Wonder Athletics™

✓    Increase Your Confidence

✓    Get Fit, Lean & Strong

✓    Connect With Bad Ass Women

✓    Fully Develop & Embrace Your Divine Feminine

✓    Re-Ignite Your Relationship With Love & Passion

✓    Find, Attract, & Keep Your Superman

✓    Design Your Dream Life

✓    Set & Achieve Goals That Make Your Heart Sing

What's Included With Wonder Athletics?

"To transform your body and change your life, content is not enough.

You need an environment and coaching."

Live Zoom Workouts
Get access to 4 x challenging live home workouts per week, including high intensity, low intensity cardio & strength. Workouts are suited for all fitness levels. 
Monthly Group Coaching Calls
Our group coaching calls offer the perfect opportunity to connect with other powerful women, ask questions, receive coaching and breakthrough any current problems that you're facing. 
Extensive Training Vault
If you miss a workout, we've got you covered! All workouts will be recorded and uploaded into the training vault. You'll also get access to additional recorded workouts, yoga sessions and meditations you can complete at anytime!
Private Women's Group
It's hard to change your life surrounded by the same people. Join an active community of bad ass women, collaborate, get help, ask questions, make friends and have fun :)
Online Training & Resources
There's more to life than just working out. We'll be constantly creating & uploading new training & resources to help you succeed in all areas of life. 
Goal Tracking & Accountability
Have you ever set goals for yourself and failed to achieve them? We'll provide you with the system to integrate your new goals into your life so you can finally achieve the life of your dreams.

Jade Perry

Within a few short months, I was seeing my body composition change, my running times were dropping, I was feeling more energetic and for the first time in a very long time, my relationship with my body and how I treated it changed for the better.  Jen helps to motivate her clients in a way that is empowering and not intimidating. She knows her clients well and sees herself as a key partner in your journey to wellness. I would highly recommend Jen as a coach for people at all levels of their fitness/wellness journey! 

Lilly Hutchinson

Jen truly cares for her clients.  She obsesses over my progress and works with me consistently to make necessary adjustments and modifications to ensure I’m on track. She focuses on making you stronger and holds you accountable when you want to make excuses for yourself to not show up. Jen truly changed my life.

Samantha Hanson

Jen is the perfect coach to work with! Her positive attitude and energy pushed me and kept me on track. Not long after we started working together that I broke my foot while hiking one weekend. Instead of telling me I couldn’t train she modified all my workouts so that I could maintain my strength as much as possible. Her dedication to me and my progress showed in my results. I will be forever grateful to Jen for helping me build and maintain a foundation for my fitness journey!

Meet Your Coach

Hey! I'm Jen Carr, creator of Wonder Athletics.

I'm a health & fitness coach living in Los Angeles.


I spend most of my time helping and coaching women to improve their health by focusing on the key areas of mindset, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and stress management.

Through my own journey of overcoming my own health issues, I've been able to develop a unique approach to helping women increase their confidence and step into their personal power.

Let's Work Together!