Meet Jen Carr

Health Coach & Creator of Wonder Athletics™

Hey, I'm Jen & I want to share a bit of my story with you

Growing up I was always active, for what I remember I was always outside playing, riding my bike or getting put in time out and pulled out of ballet class for not “following the rules”. 


Back then I grew up on ice-cream for breakfast, Ciao pizza, Taco Bell and a roll of oreo’s a day... No wonder why I was always running around. Although I looked healthy I was what they would say, “skinny fat”. 


I was a thirteen year old kid with cholesterol of a fifty year old man who ate steak everyday. Soon after that knowledge my mom went on a total health kick, where I learned lots about nutrition and fell in love with running and working out. 

Later on that “skinny fat” kid came back… without the skinny. It was my freshman year of college and yep I too gained the notorious “freshman fifteen”. I was at my lowest of lows; I’ve had my troubles in the past but this one tipped it all. 

In attempts to distract myself from the pain I was going through at the time I began partying a lot, binge drinking/ eating, working out 2+ hours, waitressing part-time and studying for who knows what test. Yet, I had no idea why I was doing any of it. 


I was confused with who I was, where I was going in life, why I couldn’t keep the weight off and what the whole point of this was. My anxiety and depression were suffocating me to the point where at times I thought of taking my own life. 


That’s when I realized I was just going through the motions following along with the crowd. I was so caught up in what everyone else thought, how I looked, and trying to impress everyone instead of making my own decisions and listening to my own needs which only pushed me further away from myself.

Taking Control

After two and a half years of the up and down self sabotaging behavior, I had enough and began taking back control of my life. 


That year I decided I was making my own decisions and leaving behind anything that no longer served me. 


I told my family and friends I wasn’t going back to school and that I was going to pursue my passion for health and fitness and become a personal trainer. 


It was the first step in listening to my own voice that has continued to open more doors and something I want to help others find. 

For me, personal training is much more than just getting “fit”, it’s about helping people understand their health entirely by getting them to see their strength inside and out. 

If you worked with me before and if I saw you picking up some baby weights you’d probably have heard me say “you’re a lot stronger than you think” and it’s absolutely true. Your mind can play tricks on you and lead you to believing something that’s completely false.


Trust me I’ve been through it all, weight gain/loss, binge drinking/eating, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, addiction, hormone imbalances, injury, and heartbreak. There have been many times I just wanted to quit. 


A great workout was the only thing I knew at the time I could control and would make me feel better. But there’s so much more to your health, working out is just a percentage of the work. 


The key is tapping into your awareness of yourself. However, without the right support, guidance and understanding of it all is when you can feel a bit lonely and lost.

The Wonder Athletics™ Program

That's why I have created the Wonder Athletics Program.  I wanted to create a safe and fun community where like-minded women support women. 


A program that ties everything health and fitness and all around wellness together. From special fitness programs designed for your body around your daily life, intuitive eating, to natural hormone balancing and ways to help support anxiety & depression, along with ways to attract and keep the right partner. 


But first you have to be willing to take a hard look at yourself and be open to change... After all, diamonds are made under pressure.

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