Open Letter to Those Starting a Fitness Journey:

Let me start off by saying congrats, because it takes a lot of heart and guts to invest in yourself. Seriously, it’s not easy.

Like why is it so hard choosing ourselves first? Why don’t we prioritize our own health and happiness?

As humans we tend to put everyone and everything else first. Before we know it we’re burnt out, off track, feeling depressed, lost and now your health is at risk or maybe you just want to start feeling good again.

Whatever the case is… I want you to hold onto it. I want you to ingrain it in your mind because there will be times where you might get off track or feel like quitting and the only thing that’s going to get you back on track is remembering why you started in the first place.

Trust me there will be many times where you will face resistance. You will be tempted to go back to your old ways and crawl back to your comfort zone. Some days you might look at yourself and feel that you’re not getting anywhere and ask yourself what’s even the point.

Well the point is that fitness is a life long journey, it teaches you that nothing is linear. That in fitness and life there will always be ups and downs but it's about how you continue to show up for yourself and the world around you. It’s about showing up on the days that you’re tired, or when it’s raining or any excuse that comes up. It’s about pushing past resistance and getting uncomfortable so that you become stronger, mentally and physically.

Fitness is not just about getting your dream bod, getting that revenge body or just losing a bit of weight. It might start out that way but what you soon realize is that it’s about training for life. And as cheesy as that sounds it’s true and the sooner you understand this the easier the journey will be.

From someone who has faced many ups and downs in their fitness journey I am here to tell you that I started with that very same mindset. I wanted the perfect body because that’s what I thought was going to make me happy. That abs and a nice butt were going to get people to like me... I couldn't have been more wrong.

But the more that I fell down and got back up the more I realized that it was never about any of that. My mindset around fitness changed and I began respect my body for everything that I put it through. I started to love my body for how much strength it had to continue to show up for myself even on the days that I didn’t want to. Why? because our bodies matter.

As humans we are designed to move, we are designed to grow, change and evolve. This is about committing to yourself day in and day out and doing the absolute best you can with what you have right now. It’s time to start choosing you.

With love,

xx Jen

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